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Deed of Rectification Plans

Most property transactions have an exchange of contracts followed by a completion document. Occasionally the completion document does not accurately reflect the agreements detailed in the contract.

A Deed of Rectification is produced and when read with the original deed, gives full details of the agreements made in the contract.

National Lease Plans specialise in all types of residential & commercial plan drawings. With a turnaround of between 3-5 working days, anywhere in England and Wales, you can be sure of an efficient and professional service.

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How We Work

  • Once instructed, we will visit the property to undertake a detailed survey
  • We then produce your lease plan using our digital drawing systems to ensure accuracy, efficient drawing retrieval and fast replication
  • Your Lease Plans are emailed to you as a pdf file as soon as they are ready
  • Printed copies then follow by post ready for insertion into the appropriate lease document - completing the process

"As a retired chemical engineer I was particularly impressed with the plans"

Alan Singlehurst
Heathcroft 2002 Ltd.